AC Market – [Free Download AC Market APK for Mod Apps and Games]

Have you ever heard of an alternative to the Google Play Store? No. The good news for you people is that it exists. Its name is AC Market. We, as human beings are always in search of alternative ways of doing something. For example, we often take alternate routes while we are driving towards home or office or any other place. Any team playing a sport like a cricket or a football or something else always have multiple plans.

Most of the cricket lovers might also have listened to the terms like Plan-A, Plan-B from the commentators during match commentary. WhatsApp, though being the most used and loved one app also has alternatives like Azar, WeChat messenger, Kakao Talk, Viber and many more. Some people love using WeChat while others love to use WhatsApp. The main question arises here is that “Why we are in search of alternatives?“.

A large number of apps and games are free of cost while the best ones are always premium. So, a user has to pay for the premium app or game. Most of us are not willing to pay for using even the premium apps. So, AC Market lets you download and use premium apps/games without spending a single penny.

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AC Market App

Most of us are Android lovers. The reason is obvious that Android provides us with a rich set of apps or games. Have a look around, go to the Google Play Store from your smartphones and search for yourself. We are good with downloading, installing and playing free apps and games.

However, a certain number of apps are premium and the main problem with premium apps is that these are not available free of cost. Instead, a trial version is made available to us for use and get addicted to it. Moreover, these trail versions come with limited features, locked resources, and updates. For using full features you have to pay money. Even after purchasing the premium app, certain game resources like characters, levels etc and features are still locked. For further unlocking, you have to do in-app purchases. Please be patient and wait before doing so.

There is an alternative way for you to do so and that too without spending money. This alternative is the AC Market APK. This APK is an alternative app to the Google Play Store. You can download and use cracked versions of the premium apps/games and that too free of cost. By downloading the AC Market app on your smartphone, you can get modified apps of premium apps or games. AC Market App Free Download APK provides many features. I will discuss AC Market APK features in the coming section. You can download the latest AC Market APK using the following ad-free, spam-free and single click link.

Free Download Latest Version

Features of AC Market App Store

1. Download Premium Apps/Games Free
With AC Market App Download, you don`t need to pay heavy amounts of money for using premium apps or playing premium games. AC Market APK allows you to download and enjoy the premium apps/games free of cost. AC Market Download Manager provides you with cracked games or apps with premium features without spending a penny.
2. Free In-App Purchases

There are a certain number of games which come with locked game resources like game characters, levels or any other premium feature. For unlocking these resources you have to collect coins or gems by playing a game again and again. This demands a lot of time and effort. If you are unable to collect the required number of coins/gems, then you might have to think about In-App Purchase options. AC Market APK Download helps you in solving this problem. With this APK, you can unlock game resources free of cost. You can also get unlimited coins and gems after you install AC Market on your smartphone.

3. Modified Apps, Game Patches and Game Data

AC Market Mod APK feature provides you with a rich set of modified apps and games. A modified app provides more features as compared to the traditional app. AC Market APK File also provides you with the latest patches. A good thing about modified apps/games and game patches is that these are available freely. You don`t have to pay for them. AC Market for Games also provides game data for various smartphone games. This APK also provides previous versions of games.

4. Blocking Ads

A large number of apps and games come up with ads. Especially using an app or playing a game while you are connected to the internet, a lot of ad banners appear every now and then. These banners actually distract a user and sometimes you have to close to proceed. This gives annoying user experience. With AC Market 2019, you can block these ads from appearing.

5. AC Market App Store Community

This app provides you with a huge worldwide community of users for sharing mods, patches, and reviews. This AC Market Play Store provides you with the latest game patches created by the community users. Using AC Market Feedback System provided in this APK, you can share your feedback and problems with AC Market Community Users.

6. General Features
  • You might ask a question about AC Market Price. The answer is that it’s completely FREE.
  • The user interface of AC Market Latest APK is quite similar to the Google Play Store interface. It is highly understandable and efficient in usage.
  • This APK is not a huge sized app. So, you don`t have to wait for long times for downloading and installation to complete.
  • AC Market Installation process is self-explanatory and easy to follow. So, you don`t require special skills to Install AC Market APK Latest Version.
  • By downloading AC Market APK, you can get a variety of customization options for apps and games.
  • The Play Store of AC Market APK provides almost all the apps/games hosted by Google Play Store.
  • AC Market for iOS, AC Market for Mac, AC Market for Windows and AC Market for Windows Phone are also available.
  • Unlike Google Play Store, you don`t have to create an account for downloading AC Market Latest APK.

AC Market for Android

This APK is not an official app. It means that you cannot find this APK file on the Google Play Store. Android is the most loved mobile operating system among cell phone users. The main reason for this is that Android is flexible, easy to understand and easy to use. Moreover, Android is updated more frequently as compared to other mobile operating systems. So, for Android systems, you have to search and download AC Market APK File from a web browser. For your convenience, I am providing you the single-click and spam-free download link. In order to download AC Market APK for Android, all you need is to just click on the provided download link. It will start to download your app.

Free Download Latest APK for Android

Tip: Please remember the location in your smartphone where you have downloaded the AC Market for Android APK file. You will need this location in order to Install AC Market on the Android-based smartphone.

AC Market for Windows PC

One of the major driving force behind AC Market use is obviously full-featured premium games. A lot of people are addicted to playing games on smartphones. However, some people like to play games on a much larger screen with powerful sound and flexible game controls like personal computers. The good news is that you can now use AC Market for Windows PC also.

All you require is to use an emulator like BlueStacks. An emulator does nothing, but it creates a virtual environment in which you can run a variety of Android operating systems. When Android is there then why not Download AC Market for PC for Free and enjoy the premium apps/games on your desktop or laptop PC? Most of us are either using Windows 7 or Windows 10. Another good news is that AC Market for PC Download versions is available for both of the operating systems.

Free Download Latest APK for Windows 7

Free Download Latest APK for Windows 10

You can download BlueStacks from the download section of the official website of BlueStacks.

AC Market for iOS

A lot of community just loves the iPhone. After all, iPhone is another widely used brand and popular among a large number of people. Please don`t get disturbed at all. I have good news for you people too. AC Market for iPhone or AC Market for iOS, whatever you say is also available easily. In order to get AC Market iOS version, all you have to do is to download iOS APK file on your iPhone and install it. AC Market iOS Download will enable you playing the most loved Android-based games even on an iPhone now. I am going to provide you AC Market for iOS Free Download link here so that you people don`t face any kind of difficulty in finding it.

You can download AC Market App for iOS using the following download link. The AC Market APK for iOS Free Download is compatible with both various versions of iOS especially iOS 11 and iOS 12.

Free Download Latest APK for iOS

AC Market for Mac

As we already know that Mac OS runs on Apple-based personal computers. Again, you can use this APK on Mac Book using a suitable emulator. I personally recommend a different emulator this time for Mac OS. Consider Genymotion emulator the best in this regard. You can download Genymotion from here. Rest of the process is the same. Install emulator, download latest APK file, install it on the emulator, download premium apps and enjoy. Use the following to Download AC Market for Mac PC.

Free Download Latest Version for Mac OS

AC Market App File Information

Before moving towards the installation and troubleshooting of this APK, let me share some valuable information regarding this app.

Latest Version4.2.9
License TypeFree
Supported Operating SystemsAndroid, iOS, Windows and Mac
Supported Android Version4.0.3 or Higher
CategoryApp Download Manager
SizeApprox. 17 MB
Downloads8 million (still counting…)

How to Install AC Market?

When you come to Installing AC Market, it’s not so tough to do. All you have to do is just to follow easy and straight-forward steps.

How to Install AC Market on Android?

For installing this APK on your Android-based smartphone, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the APK file (from an appropriate download link).
  2. Open the same storage location (Memory, Folders and Sub-Folders) from the File Explorer where you have downloaded the APK file.
  3. Click on the Downloaded File of AC Market APK to begin the installation.
  4. AC Market Installation Wizard will ask for certain permissions required for the installation of the app. Don`t worry about it. Continue the installation.

How to Install AC Market on Windows PC?

  1. Download and Install any suitable Android Emulator like BlueStacks, NOX Player etc.
  2. Download the appropriate APK file from Google Chrome running in your Android Emulator.
  3. Rest of the process is the same (as described in the section titled How to Install AC Market on Android?).

How to Install AC Market APK on iOS?

  1. Open the Apple Safari Browser.
  2. Open the website and scroll to the download link for downloading AC Market APK for iOS.
  3. During the page load, an arrow will appear right in the bottom. Click the arrow.
  4. When a new screen opens, you will see an Add to the Screen button in the bottom. Write the name of the app AC Market. After adding name click Add.

Download APK File for iOS (Mirror)

How to Install AC Market on Mac OS?

  1. Install any suitable Android Emulator on Mac OS.
  2. Download the appropriate APK file from Google Chrome running in your Android Emulator.
  3. Rest of the process is the same (as described in the section titled How to Install AC Market on Android?).
AC Market Problems

AC Market is not downloading on Google Chrome?

In case you face this problem, just go to the app settings in your smartphone and see whether Google Chrome app permissions are enabled or not.

If some app permissions are disabled, enable these permissions and try again.


1. Is this app safe to use?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use this APK. The stats of more than 8 million downloads (still counting), strict testing and strong positive reviews show its increasing popularity and security.

2. How much do I have to pay for using this app?

You don`t have to pay a single penny. It`s completely free of cost.

3. Can I use this app on the iPad?

Absolutely yes. As iPad also uses iOS. If you can use it on the iPhone, then you can use it on the iPad also. Because both devices use iOS.

4. Is it possible to use this app on Windows 8.1?

Yes. All you need is an emulator. Install the emulator version best suitable for Windows 8.1 and enjoy.

5. Which Android version is suitable for using this app?

Android 4.0.3 and higher versions are well supported by this app.

6. Can I find all the apps/games of Google Play Store in this download manager?

Yes, almost all the games/apps of Google Play Store are available with this app.

7. Is my personal information secure while using this app?

One of the best things with this app is that you don`t need to create an account for downloading, installing and using this app. So, personal information leakage is just out of questions.

8. Why can`t I find this app on Google Play Store?

Because this app is unofficial so it is not hosted with Google Play Store.

9. How does this play store work?

This play store provides you with mod apps. Mod apps are actually modified app versions. This modification is in code, license verification, ad removal, patches, and features.

10. Why AC Market is running slow?

It can perform in a slow or hanging manner due to the following reasons:

  • Outdated system: In this case, the android version you are using does not update. Try to update the android system.
  • Busybox: Busybox is not properly working. Try installing Busybox.
  • SuperUser app: Superuser app may not be working good. Try to install the SuperSU app.

11. Google Chrome is identifying it as a harmful application. Is it really safe to download?

You don`t need to worry about it. It is a completely safe app. Actually, whenever you are trying to download APK files, Google Chrome shows the same warning message.

Final Words

Game lovers are addictive to games. Everything is good while you are playing any free game or using any free app. The problem arises when you get addicted to trial versions of premium apps and games. For enjoying full features of premium apps/games, you have to pay heavy subscription fees. Even after the payment of subscriptions, a large number of games resources are still not available. So you have to earn coins/gems for unlocking such resources. As an alternative, you have to do in-app purchases for this. Again a considerable amount of money is required.

But now, you don`t need to worry in this regard. You can use the latest version of AC Market APK for doing this for you. This app has made it easy and comfortable to do such things. Although it is small in size (i.e. 17 MB) but trust me it is mighty powerful. AC Market APK Features are too good to attract us.

It is in English (universally understandable). This app has an interface similar to the Google Play Store. It is available free of cost. Availability is not a problem (you can use it for multiple platforms e.g. Android, iOS, Windows, Mac). The latest version of this APK file is of compact size. AC Market APK can block ads, make in-app purchases free and provide you with full-featured premium apps without spending money. Its community users regularly update patches, mod APKs and other configurations on it.

I hope that you have liked my article on this amazing and wonderful app. I have tried to cover all the possible information on this app. Finally, it is just an amazing app that enables common mobile users to use premium apps for free and enjoy many more facilities.